Post-Adoption Services & Support

Post-Adoption Services

Post-adoptive services include the provision of a monthly stipend to help families maintain their expanding families, support group services, access to Medicaid (which can be used to pay for counseling as well as the ongoing health needs of adopted children). Adoptive families also receive tuition waivers to any Florida public college or university for each child adopted.

Post-adoption supports are designed to connect families who have adopted children from foster care to resources specifically designed to address the unique needs of adoptive families.  Whether the challenges faced are immediate, or many years following the adoption, we are here to help. Please contact CCKids main office at 772-873-7800 and ask to be connected to the Post-Adoption Specialist.

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Post-Adoptive Family Support

Communities Connected for Kids offers support to adoptive families by way of information and referral services linking families in need with Communities Connected for Kids’ full array of service providers. Adoptive families in need may contact us to be connected to a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Immediate in-home crisis intervention services;
  • In-home behavior analysis;
  • In-home parenting;
  • Psychological, developmental, educational or medical evaluations not otherwise covered by Medicaid; &
  • Specialized counseling for the child and/or family.