Community Based Care across the state of Florida has experienced dramatic results in child welfare. Communities Connected for Kids continues to make enhancements to the system of care, focusing on the key issues of child safety, well-being and permanency. Our efforts, combined with those of other lead agencies throughout the state of Florida, have raised Florida’s ranking for the quality of child-welfare services to fourth in the nation.


We are committed to efforts to keep children free from neglect and abuse and are safety maintained in their homes when possible to do so. Our goal is that children will not be neglected or abused during or after completion of services. We measure our success in a variety of ways including the number of children who are visited by a case worker every month, the number of children who are re-abused within six months of case closure and the number of verified abuse reports while receiving in-home services.


We value children living in a nurturing environment that meets each child’s individual physical, mental and educational needs. Our goal is that all children will achieve optimal health and academic success. We measure our success by the number of children formerly in foster care who graduate high school, the number of children receiving regular medical and dental care, up-to-date immunizations and enrollment in school.


We value finding safe and permanent families and lasting connections for all children and youth. Our goal is that all children achieve permanency as quickly as possible with a nurturing, supportive and safe family. We measure our success by the number of times a child is moved while receiving services, children reunified within a year of being removed from home, children who do not re-enter care once they return home, the number of times moms and dads are visited each month and the number of finalized adoptions.

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