Communities Connected for Kids conducts pre-service and in-service training for dependency case managers and opens in-service trainings to the community. National experts provide community training opportunities in the areas of substance abuse, brain development, domestic violence, staff development and other related fields. The trainings are free to the community and help ensure that those in service are exposed to the latest research.

Community Training

Communities Connected for Kids’s ongoing commitment to funding regular, in-service trainings provides Devereux CBC staff, contracted provider staff and community partners’ current research and tools for better job performance and service delivery. These in-service trainings contribute to the use of evidence-based practice in all sections of the community and give its members an opportunity to network, learn together and gain an enhanced understanding of each other’s roles.

Staff Training

Communities Connected for Kids recognizes the education, training and development of its employees is fundamental to the success of the organization. Thus, all employees are expected to complete a minimum of fifteen training hours during the year.

An annual training needs assessment takes place each year. This is conducted using a survey which is distributed electronically to all staff. Participants are asked to rate their interest in specific topics. An opportunity is also given for each respondent to identify additional training opportunities that they feel would assist them in their role.  The results from this survey are used in the development of the training curriculum for the upcoming year.

Communities Connected for Kids has established links with the Children’s Service Councils of Martin and Saint Lucie Counties who also provide training locally. Employees are encouraged to attend these trainings as part of their ongoing professional development. There are also opportunities for all levels of staff to attend conferences both locally and nationally. Participants are asked to disseminate key learning points to other staff to ensure the entire agency benefits; this may include a presentation at a team meeting or an article in the newsletter, etc. Groups of staff participate on a regular basis in teleconference workshops provided by the Child Welfare League of America to listen to and share emerging research. These training opportunities are essential to the development of a competent workforce capable of providing effective services.

All Communities Connected for Kids training opportunities are advertised on the agency’s Internet site. This site also provides an explanation of training that needs to be completed by new staff together with links to the online training sites.

Visit our calendar of events regularly to find the next scheduled training.